22 February 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam


If I would be given just one more day to live there is probably one thing I would love to do. Gather my dearest and have my last supper at Fäviken.

Fäviken is one of the most famous deserted restaurants in the world. Located in the far north of Sweden. Even just the travel towards this place makes it worth it to me. For the ones who have seen ‘The hateful eight’ it reminds me a lot of Minnie's Haberdashery, the impressive cabin that functions as the main location of the movie. A cozy hunting house covered with wood.

The restaurant offers sixteen dinner seats and even has a few rooms available for the travelers that come from far. The food is sourced hyper locally but most importantly created by Magnus Nilsson.

I stumbled upon Magnus through one of my favorite shows: ‘Chef’s Table’. This show will show you how the great chefs work but most importantly it tells their stories about how they got where they are now.

Magnus is native Swedish and therefor knows the area very well. He is a creative and inventive cook that wants to use traditional Swedish cooking to create modern food. His respect for products and the way they are produced is highly admirable. Rediscovering ancient Nordic cooking methods, but always twisting them in his own way. He uses a beautiful root cellar to preserve all types of vegetables and meat. He stimulates small local businesses by honoring their craft by simply buying their products and creating magic. His childhood memories function as a big inspiration for his dishes, but he also loves to explore other forgotten recipes.

In ‘The Nordic Cook Book’ he celebrates all these old traditional dishes.

Most of us are probably not so well know with Nordic food, that is why it is so good that Magnus exists. Just look up his episode in on ‘Chef’s Table’ or his series on ‘The Mind of a Chef’ and you will understand what I mean. I immediacy start to drool just looking at his salty dried beef or scallops, imagine smelling and tasting it!

Next to all of this I think Magnus himself must also be a terrific guy. Off course I do not know him personally but he looks like a Swedish teddy bear. With is long hear and friendly face he really captures my heart. 

To make a long story short, if you ever find yourself in the north of Sweden with quite some pocket money please do not hesitate to visit this hidden diamond.

Photos by NOWNESS

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