23 March 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Sofia Coppola is known for the beautiful movies that she made, having a relatioin to both hollywood as pure arthouse movies.

The one that we all know best must be "The virgin suicides", but the short movie that made it all start is named "Lick the star". You can consider it a bit als a precursor for The Virgin Suicides, since the theme is all about high school girls trying out their boundries to discover themselves and all the highschool trouble and fun that comes with all of that. 

The pureness of the short movie can't be described with words, that's why we have the link to the entire movie for you below:

Lick the star // Sofia Coppola

If you don't have time to look at the moving images right now, we have some teaser film stills for you to warm you up already. 


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