06 December 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam




It is not often that I envy people as much as I envy Leandra Medine. The American writer and fashion blogger has created an empire with her website The Man Repeller. She created the website while she was still in school studying journalism. The website started out as a platform to share her love for fashion and in particular man repelling fashion. In her own words "Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic."

The approach sound so simple but is yet so accurate. I think most of us women are always aware when outfits are appealing to men and even more when not. The art of dressing well should be personal and reflect your personality and not just the preference of the other sex looking at us.

Leandra has a big passion for fashion and reminds me of a real life Carrie Bradshaw. The interesting part is that Leandra has an everything but superficial approach to fashion. She is much intrigued by psychology behind it. How we as women look at ourselves, and how much of it is shaped by the dominant male culture we live in. So you can see the freedom to dress up in extreme fashion almost as a good looking form of feminism.

At just 27 years old Leandra has achieved so much already. The Man Repeller has turned from a small blog into a big platform with a huge following. Leandra herself has turned into a highly influential trendsetter. She understands what lies beyond fashion and what affect it can have on people.

Overall Leandra is the definition of cool in my eyes. She is not afraid to share her opinions and has embraced the freedom to redefine what fashion is all about. The empowerment of silly and unique girls that are celebrating life by dressing well! Go Leandra go!



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