10 November 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam



The pineapple. Years ago it was just an exotic fruit. Nothing special. Just a tropical plant that has it roots in South America and that wasn’t aware of its specialty at all. Up until a couple of years ago, when it started to develop into a big trend. It now has become a key item in photo shoots and interior settings. Take for example the golden ceramic pineapple designed by Polls Potten that decorates many Dutch interiors. How does an object like that suddenly evolve into a trend? This topic stood central to the research that Daniela Treija and Sara Sturges did on design trends. They state, “It’s absurd how repetitive design trends have become.” Treija and Sturges, who both graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, beautifully collected and presented many recent stereotypical trends. Take for example gradient coloured products; the grid that is used as a background in stage settings and objects with a marble print. They put these trends together into an end product: a magazine called Not Another, most likely a parody on AnOther Magazine, which calls itself ‘a modern guide to fashion, culture ideas’ according to their Instagram account. The aim is to release Not Another monthly on different topics regarding design trends by letting people vote for topics on social media whereby the most popular topic covers the next issue. Not Another addresses the quick developments within the world of design in our digital era in a clear and catchy way.


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