29 April 2014 // Lisa Dymph Megens //Amsterdam


When we flew from NY to LA the photographer was wearing a really nice vintage looking sweater with Venice letters and a little rainbow logo. Since I have a crush for sweaters in general it caught my eye immediately. She told me she bought it in a very cool store in LA and we would definitely go there. But before I could even splurge my own wallet they gave me a t-shirt as a gift, lucky me!


Later that week I visited their pretty cool flagship store at Abbot Kinney, the street to shop when in LA. There collection looks vintage but isn't, though it's produced the same as sweatshirts and t-shirts where produced in the past. The result is not just an authentic look but the fabrics are incredibly soft, you just want to live in them like forever. 


Every single product is stitched by hand and is little different then the other, so your truly have an unique product. 

Also I loved the big tag in my shirt with some 'information' regarding the garment, see photo


For my information check out their website; http://aviatornation.com


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