28 October 2014 // Lisa Dymph Megens //Amsterdam


This weekend I finally visit Marlene Dumas exposition, The Image As Burden, at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. 

I grow up with Dumas while my mother always took me to museums and showed me her work. As I was younger I wasn't that into it since it's quit dark and heavy at first sight. Many of Marlene's subjects (war, death, sex, terrorism) aren't that light hearted. However the older I get the more I appreciate her work and this Saturday she became one of my most favorite artist at the moment. Her portraits are sublime, I love how you can have your own imagination working for you when you look at them but when you read about it you immediately recognize the person. For example Naomi Cambell and Romy Schneider, I did recognize them but they aren't photographic portraits so when you don't really now these woman that well you can also see someone else. Both where part of my favorite paintings, I also was intrigued by the wall of "models" and the portrait of Oscar Wilde. The one which caught my eye immediately was "Genetic Longing", very powerful and I just really like color. 


For the Dutch readers, you should really watch Marlene's interview at "College Tour" to see she's not only an amazing artist but also a lovely and witty human being. And of course visit the Stedelijk. The exposition is till January 4th 2015.  


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