24 March 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam


The Sky Is Green


Now spring is in the air, why not match your plants to it and put them up in the air as well? Or, even more spectacular, hang them upside down.  This may sound far from reality, but it could have been ‘the sky is the limit’ that was Boskke’s motivation for designing the revolutionary ‘sky planter’. It is nowadays truly possible to put your plants upside down in your home. The sky planter is designed ingeniously by adding a grid and a cover to hold the soil of the plant from falling down. Moreover, placing your greens upside down in a sky planter would create the ultimate conditions for its growth since the plant can be watered on top where it slowly seeps through a reservoir and immediately reaches the roots.  


Boskke, which is derived from the old English word ‘bosky’ meaning ‘a small forest’, sheds a whole new light on gardening. It provides the possibility to transform the homes of those with an ‘urban lifestyle’ into a green oasis. Above all, this space-saving planter is particularly appropriate for tiny spaces. 

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