06 October 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam



When I first saw these lights I was immediately intrigued by them and wanted to know more about the story behind their creation process. I found out they're called Living Light, a very suiting name given the fact that these lights seem to be in constant movement. When quickly looking at them it appears as if the cubes are slowly being filled by light. These Living Lights are designed by Nissa Kinzhalina; a writer, psychologist and artist from Kazakhstan. It is remarkable how she integrates her three professions into the way she designs her products. She explains that she likes to watch and interact with people to find out more about them. In her creative processes she is focused on the users of her design by imaging who would use the products and how. In the case of the Living Lights Kinzhalina's working process resulted in dreamy yet functional designs. 

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