14 July 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam


Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW teamed up with Swiss design company Vitra and launched a collection of office furniture, originally designed by Jean Prouvé in the 1940s, which is called the Prouvé RAW Office Edition. This collection is the result from the refurbishment of the G-Star office in Amsterdam that is designed by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). The furniture that was designed for the G-Star office is characterized by the materials that Prouvé used for his designs in the 1940s, which were used in the offices of large French companies at the time. G-Star's interest in these materials lead to the idea of reissuing Prouvé's furniture into a collection of eleven pieces as lamps, chairs and tables that are for sale until the end of 2016. The items consist of a combination of various shades of forest green metal with dark brown wooden parts, leather and raw woven textiles. The combination of rough and luxurious materials in the collection of reissued furniture matches the G-Star style of the unrefined material of raw denim that is central to the brand which it translates into what it describes as 'luxury denim for the streets.'

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