26 May 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam


Recently, my friend Annelieke gave me the tip to check out this 'cool light installation that rotates according to the seasons.' This light sculpture that is fascinating indeed has the title Chain Reaction and is designed by Henk Stallinga. The sculpture is based on time as it is scientifically constructed in a way that it rotates in the same angle as the earth revolves around the sun. Moreover, the time of the day can be visually experienced through the 144 circles of which the light becomes brighter once the day passes by.

Although this piece might be more of an art work than it is design, which means it falls a little outside of the field of objects I have discussed before, I could totally imagine a useful function for the Chain Reaction. For example, this installation could be placed hanging above a huge dining table to add a layer of spectacularity to an interior. That is, if you have a house the size of a castle. And loads of money. Well, I guess this is a case of: never stop dreaming... 


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