07 April 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam


Ever since I saw a picture of this chair I am fascinated by it. The solid shiny steel in organic shapes gives it a graceful as well as a futuristic appearance. When I got the chance to observe it in real life in the Rijksmuseum I found out the story behind its manufacturing process. This was anything but what I expected. I always assumed the chair was made by hand, however it is entirely made by the use of a computer. Joris Laarman designed the Bonechair in 2006 with a digital technique based on two natural processes. One is that of the growth of trees that are able to grow parts where strength is needed and the other process is the growth of bones, which are able to leave out parts that are not needed. These processes were imitated in a technique developed by car brand Opel where it is used for designing light and strong car parts. There were made only twelve pieces of the aluminium chair.  

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