31 March 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam


On the first sight this looks like a common chic, white tablecloth made of damask, a woven patterned textile that is a generally used material for tablecloths. When using these crispy white cloths for dinners, it always seems only a matter of time to see who is the first to spoil a glass of red wine over the table, followed by awkwardness and embarrassment. Sounds familiar right? But, what if the clumsy ones can become the artistic ones of the evening? Norwegian designer Kristine Bjaadal designed ‘Underfall’, a tablecloth with a pattern of flowers and butterflies that become visible only when something liquid is spilled over the textile. In that way she turns something associated with negativity into something positive. Moreover, the cloth becomes personalized over time. The spilled liquids leave behind vague colours that last in the pattern. Unfortunately the design has not yet been taken into production. I hope it will be for sale one day, since I can already come up with a bunch of names of friends who I would love to give this as a present. ;-)  



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