29 March 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



LA Artist Jordan Sullivan shows us an own interpretation of “image”. He aims to reach a spiritual level with his art, in stead of spreading messages. Sullivan breathes art and expresses himself through a wide range of mediums. He drifts from sculpture, to photography, to painting and even writing. His passion for books in extraordinary.


“Pattern of Survival is a phrase I firs saw in the caption of a topographic image of a landscape. The image was from an ecological study exploring life-history characteristics of various animals within a particular region. Much of my work revolves around narratives of survival, so I carried the phrase with me over the years. Art-making is this thing that keeps me alive, and the Patterns of Survival pieces, which are photographs which I have damaged with various chemicals, are expressions of this nebulous place where I exist, where the soul exists, where life is messy, violent, and beautiful.” – Jordan Sullivan in an interview by Dailymetal


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