03 December 2017 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam




While visiting the latest exhibition of Shio Kusaka and her husband Jonas Wood, I was completely mesmerized with the paintings of Jonas Wood. It was a combination of the size, colourcombinations and shapes. The flower paintings in particular were my personal favorite. 


The artworks Wood creates are a nice cocktail with some taste of Matisse, a sprinkle LA love,  and just a sway of the ordinairy life. He creates paintings that present contempoary life from multiple perspectives. His work contains subtle psychological elements that blend the past and the presents together. Wood's use of color in his embracement of quotidian domestic settings calls to mind David Hockney's dreamlike depictions of suburban subjects. Though not inherently mathematical in composition, the artist's paintings often contain numerous intersecting geometrical elements, as objects and patterns become flattened in his artistic process, which involves creating drawings of photographs of his subjects that eventually serve as the primary models for his paintings. In creating artworks from the items and environments around him, whether they are sports imagery, animals, or furniture, Wood extracts the beauty from the ordinary, proving that there's more to the everyday than meets the eye.





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