10 April 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



The sudden rising of the it girl before even being an artist's muze, must have started with girls like Alexa Chung. A fashion lover, gorgious but different and sympathetic in her being. Every teenage girl wanted to be the MTV host, who came from cheap vintage clothes and now is getting free designer outfits. 

The new Alexa Chung is probably Jeanne Damas for me. She owns the french "je-ne-sais-quoi"-look and feels like a revival of the youthful Jane Birkin mixed with Brigitte Bardot (those lips!) 

Jeanne Damas is a former fashion blogger that turned out modelling. Her sense of style is beeing appreciated, while she got to co-design a fashion collection for the popular brand  Reformation. The romantic vibe together with the look of nonchalance are making you greedy, thats for sure, and bring you bank to both Paris and the Cote-Azur (There we have Brigitte Bardot again) - and can be seen in her own style as well. Bring us the goods!


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