08 May 2017 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam



Last week I visited one of my dear friends Sophie in Paris. I first met Sophie when I was an intern at the company she worked a few years ago. I still remember how impressed I was by her eye for detail and precision, she would always see the tiniest faults that I completely missed while sewing. During the time I worked for her we became close friends. Two complete different characters that somehow worked really well together. I have always been proud to call Sophie my friend, mostly because she is a strong character. She is well opinionated about various subjects and often was able to give great clear advice whenever I had too much chaos in my head.

At the moment though I couldn’t be more proud of her. She and her business partner Meghna have been working on a special project for a year now, and last weekend I could finally see the result with my own eyes, truthfully I was incredibly impressed.

Their brand is called Instructions+ and is a strong reaction to our current fast fashion industry. Both frustrated by the failing system they wanted to set up a brand that would be conscious regarding our environment, women’s rights and our consumption culture. This well rounded approach is exactly what I think makes Instructions+ so impressive.

As Meghna her roots are in India it seemed quite logic to look there for a production base. India is often known as a low cost production country but Sophie and Meghna want to show that “made in India” can also stand for quality and care. They have connected with a small group of talented women who were previously unemployed or struggling to support their families because of low wages. You can read all about their personal stories on the website of Instructions+. The idea is to set up a sustainable environment where these women can improve their tailoring skills to help empower them and grow in independence.

Next to this inspiring production line there is much more thought behind Instructions+, differently it wouldn’t have been made by my Sophie. The brand is focused on challenging the customer to adapt their buying behavior. The designs are very clever, there are no separate sizes but they have decided to go by “one size fits most” which makes them fit for many different body types, so also if your own body type changes. It is not a garment that is supposed to be worn in a certain way. They will look different on everybody because they can be worn in different ways but also will be shaped by your body and not the other way around. Sophie has also tried to create pieces that are not necessarily trendy but more simple and timeless without being boring. It is a thin and difficult line but well executed in my opinion.  

Clothing should be something we care for, just as our grandparents still cared and repaired. This is also something Sophie and Meghna want to support. They will not created new collections but want to add pieces as if all the garments together grow into a complete closet.

It is beautiful to see how much care these ladies put into these garments, I believe that translates trough into how you feel wearing it. Thank you ladies for bringing back sensible and fair fashion, you two are the definition of true magic!


Check out: www.instructionsplus.com



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