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As I wandered around the bookstore this week something special caught my eye. With it’s catchy title and flashy cover lay there ‘Inside Chef’s fridges, Europe’.

The book gives us a glimpse inside the home fridges from 40 of the greatest chefs at this moment, highly personal information. It took Adrian Moore and Carrie Solomon four years to create this book.

A fridge can say just as much about you as your home interior. It shows something about the way we live. As the introduction in the book says: “the fridges give key insight into the very core of these extraordinary personalities and show what they themselves eat when freed from the restraints of their chosen profession, what they buy for their mates or families, where they store ingredients for meals that will be prepared for loved ones.”

Most interesting about this book is that it shows how the status of chefs and food has changed over time. Chefs have become celebrities and are admired by more and more people. We like to know the faces behind great recipes and restaurants. In my opinion good chefs are just like artists. Recipes are like paintings and the restaurant is their museum. Great thing about their art is that it touches your senses; the taste, the smell and the look of a dish all work together to make it sensational. So if you eat a beautiful meal it evolves an emotion, just as really powerful art can do.

So a look into these refrigerators feels like a look inside their notebooks. It is not necessary the food they work with in their restaurants, it is so much more personal than that. Food that they share with family and friends, or what gives them comfort on a lonely night. Guys like Massimo Bottura or Yotam Ottolenghi share their favorite local products and home recipes. And off course my favorite Magnus Nilsson gives us a peek. 

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 Bo Bech


Helene Darroze


Grégory Marchand

  Massimo Bottura

  Magnus Nilsson

  Mikael Johnson


Sven Elverfeld


Adrian Moore and Carrie Solomon

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