08 July 2015 // Stefanie Barz //Berlin


THE ARTIST-MUSICIANS #3 / Arnold Schönberg


Arnold Schönberg, born in 1874 in Vienna, Austria, was a composer, music theoretician, teacher of composition, painter, poet and a radical inventor of innovative composition techniques. His versatile oeuvre is popular for being counted to late romanticism. Next to that stand his paintings, which he approached in a more spontanious and expressive way. The disciplines interact with each other, even though Schönberg emphasized the difference of their foundation as he felt much more of an amateur with a brush in his hand. Other painters of the time though produced art works inspired by his music. Big connection again.

Hope you are in the mood, too for some classic music with an avantgarde twist.


Arnold Schoenberg - Transfigured Night for String Sextet, Op. 4



Schoenberg - Pelleas and Melisande - Abbado


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