08 February 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam


Last week I visited the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. At the moment there is an exhibition called the DWDD Pop-Up Museum. Nine rather famous Dutch people were asked to curate one of the rooms in this exhibition.

They were all send to different Dutch Museums to wander in the depots looking for treasures. To me this sounds like the absolute best job in the world, therefore I went to see what they came up with. If you find yourself in Amsterdam I highly recommend checking it out. Because it is very surprising and made me feel like a small noisy child again. 

Sywert van Lienden, known for being a political commentator on television, really impressed me. Especially with the work of Grayson Perry he picked.

'Walthamstow Tapestry'

He calls this work the invasion of marketing in our brain, inspired by old tapestries that tell of religion and war. The real piece is 15 meter long and 3 meter wide.

There are so many small details that it is overwhelming when you stand in front of it. It is a reaction to the way our lives are dominated by brands and shopping.

Up close you will discover endless brand names.


Grayson is an English artist and quite an eccentric one. First of all he is a fabulous transvestite, you can catch him wearing laidback menswear or outrageous women’s clothes. He is obsessed with our current society and works almost like an anthropologist. He researches what moves people to style their life. Whit a certain humoristic approach he transforms his findings into great art. In 2003 he even won the prestigious Turner prize.

I appreciate his approach to modern art because he has a sharp opinion about our society but presents it with a clever dose of humor.

One of his quotes: “Coolness is the enemy of creativity” also really appeals to me.

Below there is some of his other work and look, enjoy!




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