20 September 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Right in the middle of the September fashionweeks, Alessandro Michele launches the new Gucci Campaign presenting the latest collection. Starring actress Vanessa Redgrave and with the photography of Glen Luchford Gucci presents the Cruise '17 collection at Chatsworth Estate.

I must say I am quite thrilled about the location, being the English countryside. Thinking about the booming campaign from last year in the rough Berlin, I don't think we would consider the same Gucci vibe to blend in the English countryside as well - If not better. 

There is something about it that brings you back in time and gives you a great proportion of nostalgia. It makes me think about french Tarot cards to play the card-game Trapet with - The only card game I probably know. I was quite young when we used to play the game on holidays with our family, and I would constantly dream away in the settings presented on the cards. Groups of ladies with umbrella's against the sun standing in the park with beautiful hoop dresses and their hair all taken care of and men playing jeux-the-boules or cricket with the countryside in the background. I dreamt about going back in time and playing inbetween the big dresses and running over the hills of the beautiful nature: Something that comes back in a slightly grown-up version, being the Gucci campaign. 

Please see for yourself, dream away. Bee the nostalgic punk you always wanted to be in the pittoresk Chatsworth Estate, and have the most fashionoble grandma you could wish for.


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