23 May 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam




I have a special fondness for 16th and 17th century still life paintings. Especially when they are super sharp and lively so that I can almost grab the lemons of the table. Naturally the image is caught in time, still work that could create a rather boring image. But when a painter composes his products right and catches the right colors it wows me. They show us a lot about life in those days. What fish people preferred or what the common fruits were. When I cross these paintings in museums they draw me in immediately.

This fascination must be one of the reasons I love Grant Cornett.

Grant is a New York based photographer who has a long history of quite commercial studio work. He therefor knows a lot about the technical aspects of studio photography. He has a wide repertoire but I love his food photography the most. It is not necessary just about the food itself but so much more about the picture. He reacts to the food as a painter would do in my opinion. The colors are so intense that they pop out of the photos. Together with his feeling for lines and composition he turns the photos into something graphic.

His work reminds me of Joan Miró and Richard Hamilton. It feels like pop art met up with the classic still life painters to create intense firework. I get energy from looking at Grant his work so I therefor hope it will give you some power today!

Happy Mondays..


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