30 March 2017 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Photography has changed and shifted through the years, many switching from digital to film, even fake lighting seems to have lost favour to the natural light source of the sun. Rather than discarding photographs because of slight imperfections the grain is appreciated and used to generate texture and pattern. Saying that, it’s not often you see photography taken to the point of artistry, this requires a different set of skills. The food photography presented by studio “Gentl and Hyers” is certainly on an artistic level. Andrea Gentl and Martin Hyers own the studio, and living and working in New York City. Their portfolio is a mixture of still life, travel, interiors, food and portraits. They began shooting food in the very beginning of our career. Andrea always liked to cook and they both had worked in restaurants over the years, so it seemed like the natural place to start. Food can be textural, complex, organic and austere. It’s made for a lovely subject. The key to the food photography is the arrangement and colouring involved in each picture; they almost look like paint on canvas. If you are a fan of food and travel photography, you should definitely check them out. The color, light and texture are mastery and often drawn inspiration. This mixture creates poetic compositions. There is nothing more beautiful than nature itself!



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