06 September 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


Freud is a name we all heard of. We have the possibility to read it, look at it and even wear it.

Sigmund Freud, oldest of all, is known for his famous psychoanalysis and wrote intriguing studies about the subject. Not only did he inspire other doctors and psychologists, also did he move the surrealistic art movement, like the famous artist Salvador Dali himself.

Speaking of art, Sigmund had a son called Lucian. This Lucian is also not unfamiliar for us, his famous paintings travel all over the world to be seen by art lovers. The significant way of painting skin, bodies and faces is something hard to forget. 

And then there is Bella (painted by Lucien above), the cool " je ne sais quoi girl that can make you prettier in her beautiful clothing. Blogs are covered with stylish girls who are wearing 1970 sweaters that make us feel like we are back in the seventies. We are already too curious of what the next Freud generation is going to bring!

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