18 February 2016 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort




For the past 10 years, Elena Herzog has been creating impressive work out of ripped and otherwise deconstructed domestic fabrics that seem to grow seamlessly out of a room’s corner. And for many years Herzog has been making work in which she staples found textiles to walls using thousands of metal staples. Parts of the fabric and the staples are then removed and sometimes reapplied, leaving a waste of shredded fabric and perforated wall surfaces. Herzog mixes soft materials with industrial walls, and her sixth sense for finding the beauty within mass-produced fabrics. Her installations are characterized by a mix of strictly hard work and playfulness. Whether they are unique works of wall panels, or whole rooms, Herzog’s output is honest, colorful, tactile, fun and serious. The final effect is almost magical, like a wild garden had grown in the space quite spontaneously.


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