13 June 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam



“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

                                                            Pipi Langstockings


Some days are there to be melancholic, dreaming away back to the time when everything was less confusing. 

The memories of my early childhood are very sunny. Every day was new and the garden was pure adventure. I could spent hours just dissolving in my own universe. Talking to animals, climbing trees and most importantly watch Pipi Longstockings.

Pipi shaped what kind of woman I wanted to be. She was my ultimate hero. Strong and independent she just danced through life breaking all the rules. Grownups were idiots and plans were made within one second. Living on her own in a big house with a horse and a monkey she had to be tough but never seemed unfair. Without any fear of danger she just jumped into the craziest adventures.

Although years later life has made me work more run faster and adept to this grownup world I feel that my inner Pipi spirit is only getting stronger. I am in no hurry to play by the rules and live a structured life. Now and then I get stuck because of this attitude but for the most it also opens my eyes to the possibilities of a new day. Today I would like to thank Pipi for her wisdom. I can only hope that the older I get the more I will live like her. Not worrying too much about the responsibilities of life or growing up.

Most of my early memories are fading as time goes by but dear Pipi I will make sure that I keep you close to me always.

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