26 December 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam



These dark Christmas days always make me a bit melancholic. We lost so many great minds this year; David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Bill Cunningham, Muhammad Ali, Leonard Cohen and Johan Cruijff to name a few. As I wrote it down I noticed that it are a lot of men, unfortunately we will have to miss another hero. George Michael passed away yesterday on Christmas day at home due to heart problems.

I seems like the timing couldn’t be more intense as his voice is played on almost every radio every Christmas for the passed 20 years. We all scream along that were are giving ourselves to that someone special, I at least five times a day.

George off course started out in the band WHAM that gave us songs like “Careless Whispers” and “Tropicana” my all time favorite. It is the rhythm the catchy lyrics but especially the video, George at the pool with a cocktail in a white speedo!

There are so many songs that we will forever dance on thanks to you George.


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