16 August 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



We're quite on fire in our focus towards Brazil and Rio de Janeiro to be specific. With the Olympic Games on our daily plate it's hard not to deepen in the culture behind this beautiful country with so many struggles. 

One of the highlights in the problems of Brazil can be seen really well in Rio, namely the very poor and criminal slums called the "Favelas". There are quite some bizarre pictures taken that show frames of the crappy houses of the slums right next to a huge building with an outdoor swimming pool on every level, divides by both a wall and altitude as it is. 

It is not surprising that the Favela has a criminal association, since drugs and wapons are just parts of the daily routine, in order to survive in poverty. The movie "Cidade de Deus" highlights this Favela and gives us an emotional and blustery impression of the life led by teenagers who grow up there, trying to make something of their life and to matter in society.  "City of God" is the official name of the favela and is an area that even the police refuses to visit, since it is know for being pretty dangerous. 

Get blown away in a beautiful romantic but intriguing reality check, starting with a simple movie trailer:  City of God - trailer




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