19 October 2017 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort



Portuguese-born photographer Bruno Zhu keeps his eyes open for seemingly ordinary objects of everyday life. Through his unique vision and work of composition, he puts these objects into mind-challenging perspectives. His pictures are bold and immediate. They’re big too, printed at an imposing scale that falsely suggests grandeur in subject matter. Despite their scale, Zhu’s pictures are surprisingly serene. And an intriguing mix of loud and quiet. But they all carry the same effortless, instinctive ease. His photographs never lose their sense of immediacy, but are never fussy. That's very rare. His series “Grass Warm Trifecta” features an up-close mix of discovered still lifes; a collection of everyday items (office windiw blinds, a mess of discarded wires, household plants). Translated to very deliberated, constructed images.







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