25 February 2016 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort



Anouk Kruithof is a Dutch artist, she lives and works in New York. Her multi­layered, interdisciplinary approach takes the form of photographs, sculptures, she makes books, installations, texts, video and performance. Although, photography is a starting point of infinite possibilities. Kruithof wants to make people “itch” when they see her work. To find it beautiful is just not enough, she wants to surprise her viewers, to make them think. She deals with hugely complex subjects in a light and accessible form, making you work to see the pictures. Imaginative, intelligent and funny. It’s more about the process of how we select and how we watch. Her work often refers to technical progress, digital tools and the meaning of image-making. Kruithof began the project “Ahead” by questioning how to create an anonymous portrait, where the subject remains private. By capturing the back of the head, you can’t see gender, nationality, age or facial expression and emotion. “Ahead” is an ongoing project since September 2014.


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