05 March 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


Nienke Hoogvliet is a textile, product and concept designer. She graduated in June 2013 from Lifestyle & Design, Willem de Kooning Academie. She's in love with the beauty of imperfections and fascinated by vulnerability: in human, society, materials and design. She's always looking for ways to see the vulnerable part and translate it into a fragile - but also powerful design. The duality that lies in this contrast keeps fascinating her and defines her work. 




Nienke Hoogvliet noticed that today’s society thinks of vulnerability as weak, while Nienke thinks it can lead to strength and protection. She sees blankets as a metaphor for the feeling of protection, which is why she designed one fragile and one protective. Skin inspired the design because it borders our inner world from the outside one. One fragile human skin and one thick and rigid elephant skin. The title ‘Hide’ captures it all: conceal, cover and skin.




E-Lab is a concept for an interactive dinner. To make a statement about the additives in most of todays processed food, Nienke designed a set of glass tableware inspired on laboratory glasswork. Does food we buy in the supermarket comes out of a kitchen and nature or out of a laboratory? To raise more awareness Nienke created a concept of a three course dinner, in which in every course a different aspect of additives are illustrated.


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