13 May 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Marianne lock a Rotterdam based designer and artist; she creates images by drawing, cutting, pasting, animating, sewing, building, crafting and illustrating.Marianne was born in the small town of Hoek van Holland in 1987 and graduated illustration at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam 21 years later.Here work is playful but not childish and has a very personal touch. She works in different media, but always in her own style. Preferring pens and paper over tablets and computers, there’s a homemade, nostalgic feeling to her work. Nature, such as cactuses, inspires her. Cats, and culture, like good films and cowboys inspire her as well. Her main goal is to convince the viewer that life can be very pretty (if you don’t take it too seriously)!See here some of her masterpieces, or visit her website for more information.




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