03 November 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam




Let’s start with the fact that you guys are multi-talented, and are really offering the full package when it comes to your clients. If you could choose, what do you like doing the most?

Concept development and rebranding, I love the phase where the ideas and style directions are made. It’s one of the most important parts when developing an identity or a brand and I love to get overwhelmed with thoughts and see future possibilities.


Mandy, what do you like most of Copenhagen and what do you miss most about The Netherlands?

What I love about Copenhagen is that there is space for living. Copenhagen is a city that feels like a village but still it has a great amount of cultural and inspirational events. Besides that I simply love that everything can be reached within a 20 minutes bike ride. Another great thing about Scandinavia is their taste and style, I love Scandinavian design, this was also the reason for me to move to Copenhagen. What I miss about Holland, to be honest not that much, I never really felt attached to Holland and if it wasn’t for my family and friends I wouldn’t go back that often.



It looks like you guys are the definition of perfectionists in your work. Can that be said about yourself as a person as well? Is home always well organised or is it more like a cozy jumble? Is your work to be seen in your house as well?

I’m a control freak and I have an obsession with straight and tidiness. If something is not laying on it’s place it will get stuck in my head till it’s on the place where it belongs. Sometimes I catch myself placing products in the right order when I’m in the supermarket, oh yes I’m a perfectionist!


You have an impressive clientele, very Scandinavian in my opinion. Do you consider your style Scandinavian or do you adept easily?

I can adept very easily. This is also important for the work I’m doing, every brand has his own identity and core values and it’s important to understand the brands need in order to deliver a fitting product/style to them. I like things to be clear and organised, I don’t see a reason to use unnecessary elements maybe this is also an element why my style fits to the Scandinavian market.




If you could totally re-design a brand or a person by your own hands, what brand or person would that be, and what would you change?

I don’t have a specific brand or person in mind, I mostly like to work with very unknown brands and start ups. I like to start the development from the beginning when everything is undefined. Of course I have some brands where I would love to do an assignment for, brands like Acne, Filippa k, COS and HAY but it’s not my main goal in my design career.


What object in your house or closet is the thing you own the longest until now? How come you still have it with you and what is the story behind it?

I collect objects that remind me of certain moments in my life, you can say my place is something like the cabinets of curiosities, there is a little story behind everything I own. Back at my parents place I have a gigantic collection of possessions but one of the the oldest item I brought when moving to Copenhagen is a photo of my dad when he was a baby. The story is rather obvious, I love my family.


Is there a personal habit that is coming from your family and that you have inherited?

I’ve always been a bit different than my family, they’ve never really understood my way of living and my choices. Nevertheless they always supported my lifestyle and I’m very grateful for that. Of course there must be some habits that I inherited, maybe I got my creativity from my mom, our style is the opposite from each other but we are both creators in a way.



What is your favorite color and where can we find it in your personal space?

Black! I know it’s not a colour but it’s overruling my wardrobe big time. My clothed exist of very basic pieces, I like it simple and practical and in my opinion black always looks good no matter how you wear it.


If there was no money bottleneck, that means no limit, what is the thing you would buy first/spend your money on?

I have a love affair with Berlin! Whenever I have a small hole in my agenda you can find me there. At the moment I’m working for a Month from Berlin and the only thing that’s missing here is my own living space. If I had all the money in the world to spend I would spend it on a houseboat or an old factory that I could turn into a design studio, gallery, shop and of course my home.


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