02 April 2020 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



It feels like ages ago, the weekend I spend with friends in Porto. Catching the warm southern rays of sun, strolling down the river, watching old ladies hanging their laundry outside and see all the beautiful contrasts of colour, texture and print on the houses. We had to work for our glasses of port, since that weekend became the weekend that everything started to take Corona measures like closing down restaurants and stores. Social distancing was a word we became to learn right when we got back and got ourselves in a quarantaine situation. 

We enjoyed our last hugs together and made the best out of the few days we were there, even though we booked flights for one or two days earlier than planned. It was a strange but loving weekend, were all activities were cancelled and all we did was hang around together and drank, ate and drank a little more.



















































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